Painting in Time: Part 2, 2016

Painting in Time: Part 2 (2016). Guest curated by Sarah Kate Wilson, organized by SAIC faculty member and artist Claire Ashley. Sullivan Galleries, School of the Art Institute of Chicago. 
Artists: Polly Apfelbaum, Paola Cabal, Kayla Cook, Chloe Cucinotta, Micah Dillman, Debo Eilers, Juan Camilo Guzmán, Kate Hawkins, Robert Chase Heishman and Megan Schvaneveldt, Jeff Huckleberry, Aichi Hsu, Natasha Kidd, Rob Leech, Billy McGuinness, Jaclyn Mednicov, Lisa Milroy, Yoko Ono, Vincent Tiley and SAIC students Dylan Fish, Susie Choi, Sanjana Mehra, Sophia Padgett Perez, Jeremy Sublewski, Maryam Taghavi, Zhiyuan Yang, Cindy Zhang. Images courtesy of SAIC, photography by Tony Favarula