Projected Paintings 2015
Mixed media in laminated pouches, overhead projector and audience.

In her exhibition 'Projected Paintings', Sarah Kate Wilson actively engages the viewer’s perception
of a painting by way of an overhead projector. Viewers are invited to create their own paintings
by selecting and placing assorted laminated pouches on the glass plate surface of the projector.
Painting in Time, The Tetley, 2015
Co-curated by Sarah Kate Wilson at The Tetley, Leeds

3rd April – 5th July 2015 (Private View: 2nd April, 6 - 8pm)
Polly Apfelbaum, Claire Ashley, Kristina Buch, Kate Hawkins, Robert Chase Heishman
and Megan Schvaneveldt, Natasha Kidd, Rob Leech, Lisa Milroy, Yoko Ono,
Hayley Tompkins, Jessica Warboys and Sarah Kate Wilson.

‘Painting in Time’ explores the relationship between time and contemporary painting and makes a claim for painting as a time-based medium.

No longer constrained by the wall, the stretcher or paint, painting has teamed up with sculpture, performance and film, through this joining together of mediums the dimension of time has entered the realm of painting.

For more information please visit The Tetley website.

LeandaKateLouise presents Show-Off, a choreographing of artworks.
8th and 9th November, 2014, Battersea, London.

David Batchelor, Sam Belinfante, Jane Bustin, Martin Creed, Blue Curry, Matthew Darbyshire, Rose Davey, Claire Dorsett,
Iain Hales, Tess Jaray, Sam Kennedy, Rory McCartney, Bruce McLean, Zoe Mendelson, Paulina Michnowska, Lisa Milroy,
Mali Morris, Rob Phillips, Heino Schmid and Tessa Whitehead, Phoebe Unwin, Vicky Wright, Sarah Kate Wilson,
Rose Wylie, Joel Wyllie.

Show-Off aims to mobilise sculptures, paintings, drawings and performances in front of a seated audience,
physically bringing a procession of works to directly ‘meet’ the onlookers rather than the viewer activating
the work through their own movements in space.

Conjuring ideas of a catwalk, cattle market, debutant ball and auction house, art handlers will carry or
direct each work on stage one by one to ‘show them off’. Each work will be professionally lit and illuminated
for a limited time before being carried off stage.

The stage has been conceived and made by Gary Woodley as a design for flexible living.
The stage can be reconfigured in a multitude of ways. Individual plywood units can each be moved,
stacked and rotated to house each artwork in a variety of ways.

'Zumba', 2014
Silver sequinned fabric held under strobe lights and shaken.
140 x 200 cm approx.
Performed here at The Tetley in the exhibition 'Painting in Time', 2015.

Helium 2014
Helium balloons, foil balloons, stretcher bars, staples, ribbons and helium canister
250 x 210 cm

This work will evolve throughout the exhibition. It will be activated three times
a day by a gallery invigilator who will inflate and add a balloon to the stretcher.
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