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Projected Paintings, Expanding on an expansive subject 2015
Armory, Pasadena, California, US

In her exhibition Projected Paintings, Wilson actively engages the viewer’s perception of a painting by way of an overhead projector. Viewers are invited create their own “paintings” by selecting and placing assorted laminated pouches on the glass plate surface of the projector. A viewer’s action of layering of transparent and opaque material take up residence on the wall as both colored light and shadow are projected; they remain in place until the next viewer interacts with the work to create a new projected image . Therefore, the result is a series of works in flux , existing as impressions that dissipate and perpetually alter during the course of the exhibition.


According to Wilson, the precise light conditions needed in the visual manifestation of a rainbow is a metaphor for the various elements needed to create her work. Like a rainbow, her Projected Paintings are seen differently by every viewer, are both finished and unfinished , and have no beginning and no end.

Through a crossdisciplinary painting practice, Sarah Kate Wilson makes a claim for painting as a time-based medium. Her ongoing series of Durational Paintings exist in a constant cycle of transformation and recreation in the public sphere. By challenging traditional painting techniques, Wilson creates works that seldom include paint, and are marked by durationally determined timespans of viewing and fixed lifespans of the paintings. The passage of time is conveyed through her strategic utilization of multiple elements, including machines, ephemeral materials, performers , timed performance based viewing conditions, and written directions or scores that invite viewers to participate.